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Mayo 2022 Textos: Camila Peña Pedroza

Aruba, a paradisiacal alternative

Thrilling sea and land adventures, astonishing landscapes, exquisite flavors and unforgettable experiences, profile this island as a wonderful and magical Caribbean place.

Photo: Oranjestad

25 kilometers away from the coast of Venezuela, there is a charming holiday destination, one that tourists constantly return to. This is a majestic island that exalted by white sandy beaches, warm weather, nice people and extreme adventures at natural parks surrounded by crystal waters and rock formations.

Photo: La Trattoria El Faro Blanco

Aruba is constituted by six official districts, and Oranjestad, its capital. The name, which is a dutch word, mean “orange village” in english, and references its picturesque architecture and design. This city’s buildings create a cozy atmosphere, complemented with monuments, parks and cathedrals that are worth visiting. To experiment a much more cultural agenda, museums are a must when it comes to discovering the shared passion of local historians, archeologists, painters and photographers.

Photo: hilton aruba caribbean

The gastronomic offer is a highlight, specially when carnival-themed nights are celebrated; inhabitants and tourists gather to have fun and enjoy their very famous fruity champagnes or a pint of Balashi, a local beer. When it comes to typical cuisine, the island offers a wide variety of stews made with beef, chicken or fish; as well as vegetables in different presentations, seafood soups and sweet bread, just to name a few options.

Photo: Four flamingos on the beach Aruba

International music events have become another attraction for Aruba, because people from all ages and nationalities get together, soul and tropical lovers, and even electronica fans. Currently, the Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival, the Summer Festival and the Electric festival are some of the most promoted events.