THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALTH, the right of the human being

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¡The art of health!

An itinerant journey through collective medicine, its areas and all the issues related to this universe begins through the pages of the magazine “El Arte de la SALUD”, a new digital venture that is responsible of addressing human safety from a preventive health perspective, as an essential right to wellbeing and quality of life of the whole family.
THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALTH, the right of the human being-The art of health

  Others mentioned in the editorial: Presidente Joe Biden – Magazine El Arte de la SALUD by Claudia M. Gómez – Photo: Manuel Alexiades – OMS – South Centre – Kristeller Maneuver – Scientific

This innovative magazine -which was born as a response to the crisis generated by COVID-19– not only has the sensitivity and talent of its creator, Claudia María Gómez, also director of Estilo de Vida magazine (the number one in the field of luxury in Latin America, and the most awarded in the world for being considered a jewel of excellent strategies), also our professionals.
Each edition we will have an editorial committee with the highest level, experts in PUBLIC HEALTH, a select group of SCIENTISTS and DOCTORS who will be responsible for assessing each correct topic about the truth in health and science, and Dr. Germán Velásquez will be an integral part with his brilliant experience as Coordinator of the Medicines Program at WHO headquarters in Geneva; an expert guru in global public health, defender of life and patients’ rights, especially in the face of patented drug prices; philosopher from the Javeriana University (Bogotá); Doctor in Economics from the Sorbonne (Paris); Doctor Honoris Causa from the Complutense University (Madrid): the man who knows the most about the World Health Organization, currently deputy director and special advisor on policy and health at South Centre, and who will join us as a “SCIENTIFIC ADVISOR” columnist for a year from the date on; Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Is a renowned American lawyer and one of the world’s greatest anti-vaccine campaigner. Since 1999, he has served as President of the board of the Waterkeeper Alliance and Director of Children’s Health Defense organization; as well as a complete editorial team that is in charge of developing healthy, didactic and cultural content, which seeks to leave a message or invitation to readers in the face of public health (rights), but also to take care of themselves and feel good.

Carta de la directora: Claudia M. Gómez – Presidente Joe Biden – OMS – South Centre – Kristeller Maneuver – Scientific – Revista Estilo de Vida

El Arte de la SALUD”, in the same way, has the participation of personalities of different nationalities, specialists and experts in medicine, who tell their stories, talk about the most relevant issues today, provide advice on care and prevention and deliver information of great value for the demanding public to whom this publication is directed.
Through four issues per year -both in Spanish and English- this digital magazine aims to make a call to all countries and governments of the world -to invest in the talents of professionals committed to public health and to invest in health prevention- to sensitize the human being regarding health care from birth and the different stages of life; as well as physical and mental well-being from the family and individual sphere; without neglecting the problems and trends that are generated at the collective level.

Carta de la directora: Claudia M. Gómez – PresidenteJoe Biden – OMS – South Centre – Kristeller Maneuver – Scientific – Revista Estilo de Vida – Photo: Pixabay

We will deliver high-level information that is hardly talked about. Our emphasis is on the right to be born with the best methodologies or eliminating those that put the health and stability of the newborn at risk, such as the Kristeller Maneuver, which is still practiced due to ignorance in several countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Holland and Portugal, among other places; but what is this about? Here we explain it.

Carta de la directora: Claudia M. Gómez – Photo: Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Presidente: Joe Biden – OMS – South Centre – Kristeller Maneuver – Scientific – Revista Estilo de Vida

On the other hand, we make an invitation for the basic rights to a dignified life without fear. It is time to say: No, to abortion! Likewise, an analysis is made of the family as the main cell of society and the way to keep this bond alive, which translates into optimal mental, physical and emotional health for each individual; in addition to strengthening love, respect, fear of God and values. To this is added a chapter on the importance of education provided from home and school institutions, as a fundamental pillar; and some tips that must be taken into account in the face of the reactivation of the world as it is in the face of the pandemic generated by the coronavirus. A space is also dedicated to science, the environment, technology, education, lifestyle news, food, advice, travel, among other equally interesting topics.

Carta de la directora: Claudia M. Gómez  – Presidente: Joe Biden – OMS – South Centre – Kristeller Maneuver – Scientific – Revista Estilo de Vida – Photo: Pixabay

Without further ado, “El Arte de la SALUD”, now opens its doors with “prevention and the right to public health and the value of the truth”, in order that we can live better, always taking the best care and respective measures. “It is time to follow the recommendations of the experts against COVID-19, so we will soon get out of this complicated episode that today has the planet in suspense.”
Starting today, we will always be with you.

Claudia M. Gómez, General Director –

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