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Darrick Eman: Awards for excellence and exclusivity

According to Darrick Eman:  “NIZUC Resort & Spa captures the essence of the ancient and mystical Mayan culture, amid attractive infrastructure and award-winning luxury service.”

Photo: Estilo de Vida Latin America Magazine, Wilson Rojas, Manuel Alexiades and Alejandro Bieber G.

The success it has achieved in just a few years of operation, shows the very assertive way in which this luxury hotel project was planned in Cancún. Today it is well-positioned in Mexico and the United States, two countries from which most of its regular visitors come from; as well as in South America, especially Colombia and Brazil, where the greatness of this jewel of Grupo Brisas is also recognized.
The values that frame and are appreciated by guests of NIZUC Resort & Spa are many, explains Darrick Eman, Global Sales Director of the hotel, “starting with its location, which makes it pleasantly attractive, with its majestic natural surroundings which promote silence and relaxation; as well as having the airport nearby to avoid long trips; two points appreciated by potential customers of this hotel that is becoming the most sought after ‘jewel’ in the Yucatan peninsula”.

Photo: Estilo de Vida Latin America Magazine, Wilson Rojas, Manuel Alexiades and Alejandro Bieber G.

The list of preferences also includes its exclusive infrastructure, not to mention the quality of service, rated with Five Diamonds by the American Automobile Association (AAA), granted to less than three percent of the 32 thousand hotels in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. It has also been distinguished with awards and recognitions, such as the one granted in 2018 by experts from Preferred Hotels & Resorts in San Diego (United States), during the Global Preferred Conference.
It was also named the “most instagrammable hotel in the world” by Luxury Travel Advisor in 2020. Furthermore, Travel+Leisure hailed it as one of the 25 best hotels in Mexico and was on the list of the 500 Top Resorts in the World in 2021; in the same year, Condé Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards recognized it as one of the Top 20 Resorts in Eastern Mexico. The interesting thing is that the same entities have just ratified the hotel as one of the most outstanding in the Aztec country.

Photo: Estilo de Vida Latin America Magazine, Wilson Rojas, Manuel Alexiades and Alejandro Bieber G.


Darrick Eman, Global Director of Sales & Marketing NIZUC Resort & Spa and Corporate Director of International Sales & Marketing Brisas Group – Photo: Estilo de Vida Latin America Magazine, Andrés Anzola and Alejandro Bieber

Although he is American by birth, he was raised in Aruba, where he studied until he received his high school diploma, at which time he decided to return to the United States to pursue his college degree. After receiving his degree, he traveled again to Aruba, where he got his first job opportunity in the hotel industry; other offers came later, such as the one he accepted from a British company to work at a hotel in Peru, the Orient Express Hotel; then he went to Spain to The Dunas Beach Hotel and afterwards to the Mauritius Islands in Africa, at the One & Only Mauritius. Later, he worked in New York and Miami until he joined Grupo Brisas in 2014, where he serves as Global Sales and Marketing Director at NIZUC Resort & Spa, as well as for Las Brisas Hotels and Galería Plaza.