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Michael Bloomberg, public health ambassador to the world

The billionaire and Wall Street mastermind is one of the most recognized figures on the international media, political and economic prospect. These are the actions with which he’s supporting communities growth in the midst of the pandemic.

Magazine El Arte de la SALUD by Claudia M. Gómez – Writing: Camila Peña Pedroza – Photo: Michael Bloomberg

In the crisis caused by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Michael Bloomberg announced through his Bloomberg Philanthropies foundation a new global initiative that he is working on. It is about the creation of an online network of mayors and public health experts, which seeks to help communities deal with COVID-19.
The program has already had the participation of 400 mayors from different cities, who have interacted in a series of debates led by experts from Harvard and Johns Hopkins University on best practices to address mental health challenges and advice to manage conflicts between citizens. In addition, leaders have shared the measures that have worked, as well as the obstacles that have arisen in the course of the health emergency.
The entrepreneur has assured that this project is a continuation of the long-standing work that his foundation has been carrying out: “The ideas that come with the experience of crisis management are useful for all mayors. Partisan politics are very dangerous when in crisis. Mayors lead with facts, data and science”, said the former mayor of New York.

Magazine El Arte de la SALUD by Claudia M. Gómez – Photo: Michael Bloomberg

The American business leader, who recently withdrew from the 2020 presidential campaign, has had to explain that this initiative is not part of a political agenda, but rather a desire to deliver tools to mayors so that they can lead at this time. “The coronavirus is not a random issue, it is a public health problem. We are all pulling in the same direction”, Bloomberg added.
It should be noted that in addition to this action, the Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation has spearheaded several efforts focused on the urban response to COVID-19. For example, they partnered with the National Association of City Transportation Officials to release a resource center that connects local officials with real-time information on the transportation strategies cities are adapting as a result of the virus. They are also working with the National League of Cities, which launched a local action tracker to share new policies related to coronavirus.
In addition, a few days ago, Bloomberg began funding the Sutton Trust platform, designed to help 6,000 low-income teenagers in the UK apply to college. The virtual program, which replaces face-to-face classes, will include academic content, guidance on student finance and applications, as well as an insight of what college life is all about.

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