WORLD LEADERS: Heads of State and Government

They, who have been at the forefront of one of the most complex crises we have faced in the world, are in charge of the reactivation of all industries and the economy. Today, we applaud their initiatives and projects.

By: Claudia C. Garcés – Agosto 2022


Between 2020 and 2022 several presidents have positioned themselves worldwide, including that of Colombia, of whom it is worth knowing a little about their lives and their intentions.
After the pandemic, the world lives in the expectation of being able to recover all that was lost, and to improve what was already bad, as is the case of being able to count on greater employment opportunities, security and health guarantees; in addition to having much more developed countries, with high levels of education, technology and connectivity, and that are more equitable.
It is precisely from these perspectives that most of the population is now seeking to elect their new rulers. For this reason, in Estilo de Vida Latin America we wanted to choose some of the seven presidents worldwide, who have not only been elected between and after the health contingency, but whose programs are focused on ensuring a better future and to overcome all the problems that covid-19 has left behind, starting with hunger and lack of work.
Some of them have even been reelected because there were no better alternatives to replace them or because of their good governments. However, in this issue what we are looking for, before talking about their development plans, is to be able to ‘undress’ a little the intimate life of these figures or to know, even if it is something of the intentions they have to move forward their nations, namely Italy, Germany, France, Croatia, United States, Spain and Colombia.
With ideas full of youth and vigor, based on unity without populism, neither left nor right, this man seduced the voters, who elected him president in 2017 and re-elected him in 2022.
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